My websites are completely custom designed with fully responsive layouts. My clients have websites tailored to their company specifically, no cookie cutter layouts here. I help my clients refine their image through innovative elements that build their brand. I am fluent in WordPress and Adobe Muse and all my website design and development has been self taught. I am currently teaching myself HTML, CSS, Javascript, and .Liquid.

Click on the photos below to view the live websites.
Conceptions Fertility
Conceptions Fertility is the website I am building currently, which will be completed by June 2019. This project is both challenging and rewarding because of the specific intricacies that are involved. Infertility is a delicate topic to discuss and my goal is to make the website inviting and informational. I have personally designed the graphic design elements throughout the website and used code blocks to integrate my designs as SVG's for a clean design look. I will be shooting video to add the website and creating motion graphics for educational purposes. User experience and developing a "Why" approach is my focus and I am excited to see how everything turns out in the end. 
Alpine Event Co. 
This is my latest website I have designed and developed for 2019, which I am extremely proud of. The website uses Shopify as their ecommerce platform. Alpine Event Co. is an event decor company who rent out inventory to clients so we had to make a storefront fit for rentals rather than purchasing. This was a bit tricky and entailed lots of back end coding and integrations to make everything streamlined. Shopify uses .Liquid as their coding language, which I had to learn very quickly in order to develop the website. I spent around 3 months on this project and made the theme completely customized for them. At first, there was lots of trial and error working with .Liquid, HTML and CSS within Shopify but once I got the hang of it, everything came together.
North Rim Sealcoat
Meteorite Boys Clothing Co.
Crossfit Dixie
Create Agency
Utah Surgical Associates
Amara Med Spa
The St. George Wine Club
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